TDLR Issues Reminder to Electricians: Abide by State Laws and Rules

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TDLR stresses electricians' compliance with Texas laws, emphasizing displaying contractor info, possessing a valid license, and using compliant equipment.

Abide by State Laws and Rules:

  • Display contractor info on vehicles and invoices.
  • Hold a valid license to perform electrical work.
  • Use listed electrical equipment as per safety standards.
  • An expired license means no work allowed.

Nancy Valdez, Staff Writer | Date: May 10, 2024

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) has issued a stern reminder to all electricians operating within the state, emphasizing the importance of compliance with Texas laws and regulations. In a recent communication, TDLR highlighted several key requirements that electricians must adhere to.

Despite ongoing efforts to promote regulatory compliance, concerns persist within the Texas electrical industry regarding instances of non-compliance among contractors and electricians. TDLR's reminder urges electricians to follow state rules for safe electrical work in the Lone Star State.

Quoting directly from TDLR's communication, electricians are reminded of the following obligations:

Display of Contractor Information

Electricians must prominently display their contractor number and company name on all vehicles used for conducting electrical work. All invoices and proposals must also include the TECL number along with TDLR contact information.

Possession of Valid License

Only electricians holding the appropriate Texas Electrical Contractor License (TECL) are authorized to perform or offer to perform electrical work. TDLR emphasizes that an expired license is equivalent to being unlicensed. Electricians are prohibited from engaging in electrical work until their license is renewed.

Compliance with Equipment Standards

All electrical equipment utilized in projects must be "listed" as per Article 110.3(B) of the National Electrical Code (NEC), unless local amendments stipulate otherwise.

This requirement underscores the importance of adhering to safety standards to mitigate potential hazards.

Moreover, TDLR emphasizes that a TECL is considered invalid if not associated with a Master Electrician. Electricians are prohibited from offering or performing electrical work until a valid Master Electrician is attached to the TECL.

Abide by State Laws and Rules

TDLR urges Texas electricians to prioritize compliance with state laws and regulations . Upholding these standards ensures legal standing and contributes to safety in electrical installations. TDLR remains committed to fostering compliance among electricians and professionalism in the Texas electrical industry.

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